Right fit. Right hire.

We understands the client’s culture and we know exactly what they want and what type of employee will fit into their environment.

COER uses a successful approach for recruiting, motivating and retaining highly qualified professionals.

As a dynamic and growing IT and Healthcare services company, COER has experienced growth and high customer satisfaction as a result of one overriding factor – the quality of our workforce. It is why we operate as ONETeam based on “heroes” and “heroines”.

Information Technology

COER understands the evolution towards Cloud, Data Management, Enterprise Mobility, Cyber Security and Social Media within the IT sector. In today’s ever-changing technological world, organizations need trusted partners to provide specialized IT skills. More than ever, dependency on the specialized skilled consultants is paramount to the success of your business. Because your IT infrastructure can frequently change, IT staffing requirements also can change. As a result, Human Capital solutions are no longer a luxury but a necessity. COER understands the nature of your IT staffing requirements and has organized a network of highly qualified consultants that offer an impressive inventory of skills including hardware, software, operating systems, databases, programming languages and numerous IT methodologies.


The Healthcare industry is looking for professionals in the key areas of Security, Big Data and Program Management. Electronic health records, digital and wireless medical devices, healthcare reform and an aging population all point to healthcare as a stable, long-term choice for IT careers. New advancements in technology are changing the way patients and health providers interact with the healthcare system. These technologies accelerate the flow and availability of personal data, empower and engage patients in their care, and can help identify safety issues or errors before they occur. Data management, security and the evolution towards electronic health records (EHR) is driving the need for specialized professionals to fill these critical roles.

COER is committed to provide IT and Healthcare industry leaders with professional experienced talent with connections to technologists and clinicians across the globe.

ONETeam | Human Capital Management

ONETeam is a discipline bringing our clients, employees and COER together. Candidate assessment and client profile matching is always performed and COER ranks the candidate’s overall assessment score against our client’s specific requirement. We understands the client’s culture and we know exactly what they want and what type of employee will fit into their environment. A match ensures full integration into our client’s organization resulting in better retention and increased productivity. We listen. We deliver.

Beyond Job Boards

COER is connected to the “best of the best”. Our people make the difference. We utilize our expansive database to search for qualified candidates best fit for each company. Many of our employees are direct referrals from other employees. Our extensive candidate vetting process ensures quality employees.

Standard Practice

ICS | COER is accredited at CMMI Level 3 maturity, ISO 20k and ISO 9001. We work diligently to continuously improve the methods and processes we rely on to successfully deliver consistent services to our customers.


Innovation, Collaboration and Synergy are the pillars of our business model. We have experience offering customized solutions and services to the global economy.


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