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Denese Slaey

VP, Business Development, Cybersecurity

Dr. Denese Slaey is a Director of Business Development for the federal defense, civilian, and commercial sectors in the areas of cybersecurity, IT support services, infrastructure, telecommunications, business intelligence, data warehousing, agile software and web development, enterprise architecture, health IT, and engineering applications.

Dr. Slaey was an active President and CEO for Systems Integration and Management Corporation from 08/1992 to 07/2010 and led the organization in advanced technology applications, communications, networking, security, software development, and enterprise architecture.

Dr. Slaey held the position of Vice President of IT and Advanced Technologies at la International, Inc. and Northrop Grumman from 08/1986 to 12/1993. She led a staff of IT and intelligence specialists in the area of advanced technology, RD, weapon system testing, modeling and simulation, train control (SCADA), environmental remediation, space astrophysics, and medical and satellite telecommunications.

Dr. Slaey held the position of Director of Computer Services and Telecommunications for the Public Broadcasting Service from 06/1971 to 07/1986, and was responsible for the transition from landline to satellite transmission television, national captioning for the deaf, high-definition television standards, and security aspects for the management of 357 public television stations.

Dr. Slaey has been a Professor of IT and Cybersecurity since 1992. She holds an FAA private pilot license and is certified as a ship navigational captain.


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