Cloud Call Center 2017-05-22T20:38:58+00:00

The ICS Call center solution combines highly trained service agents with CRM Service, delivered in the ‘Cloud’.

Our call center operation has made the great leap forward to a virtualized platform rather than being housed in an on-premises data center over local-area office networks. In contrast to status quo call center operations, we leverage fully the cloud-computing model to accelerate operational standup for our new customers.

The ICS call center solution is unique in the industry. The single glass-pane view allows agents to be more efficient. The dynamic solution uses a unique combination of next generation IVR and CRM technology to allow real-time scalability and increased customer satisfaction with every call. Our Cloud Call Center is a terrific example of innovation and best-in-class collaboration. ICS built its own integration hooks and customizations to make the overall call center product extensible and adaptable to any new customer. We assimilate millions of legacy and in-process call center customer records into our platform and migrate them into the Cloud while deploying an enterprise multi-language IVR support system that is replete with a suite of performance analytics capabilities.