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DIRT: The next generation of Automated Debris Management Systems.

DIRT is an on-demand solution that is securely hosted and ready to respond immediately to debris removal missions that result from catastrophic natural disasters.

By integrating emerging application technologies with the latest in mobile application tools, DIRT provides a solution that is simple to get up and running, easy to learn, and effective for the user from the moment debris management operations begin.

Operations managers, monitors, and contractors can use their mobile device or a web portal to plan, manage, and monitor the activities associated with the debris removal mission. Role-based user definitions provide the individual user with the application functions needed to respond to the demands of the mission, slashing the time required to learn the application and become productive.

Field activity is captured electronically at the source and synchronized with the central server through the internet. Data is available to mission managers and government representatives in real-time.

Highlights of DIRT

  • Electronic ticket creation at every location
  • Real-time ticket tracking and proactive reconciliation
  • Native 2D barcode scanning and printing
  • Embedded contract management
  • Comprehensive invoice management
  • Standard reporting across all activities, custom reports, and queries available to user through web interface
  • Web-based operations dashboard that summarizes mission status