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iAM™ is a bond between hardware and software with multiple applications in government and industry.

Built around common asset management scenarios such as the following:

  • scanning an asset into inventory
  • commissioning an asset into service
  • monitoring the asset’s location while in service
  • transferring the asset from location to location
  • decommissioning the asset
  • and uploading the asset’s location data to an enterprise asset management system or data aggregation service, either locally-hosted or cloud-hosted.

iAM™ is an industry first in the category. It offers unparalleled flexibility in asset management technology due to its revolutionary design. It is built on the following three principles:

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) communication
  • Sensor Agnostic architecture
  • Low cost, consumer-based agent

iAM™ allows the flexibility of getting the sensors and the monitoring agents close enough to the passive tags to radically reduce radio interference while keeping the hardware costs and management challenges to a minimum. With this new technology, organizations can use cost-effective passive RFID technology coupled with mobile sensors and consumer-grade hardware to manage their critical assets, thereby reducing capital expenditure.

iAM™ operates wirelessly on its own Wi-Fi direct network (which eliminates network traffic on your network) and can easily operate on an existing Wi-Fi network.