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InciCap provides a platform to capture, document, and communicate information about an incident, seamlessly and in real-time.

First responders and incident managers can work effectively from any location to resolve incidents safely and efficiently with InciCap, a mobile application solution that manages the lifecycle of an incident from occurrence through resolution.

Incident Management Defined

  • Capture a new incident in real-time with just a few pieces of data
  • InciCap automatically captures the latitude and longitude for the incident location
  • Browse and search multiple incidents from incident list
  • Custom fields can be added on-the-fly to satisfy any data capture need

Get the Big Picture

  • The “Incident Browser” provides the user with a summary view of the incident
  • All data associated with the incident is displayed on this view
  • The history of the incident is presented in a chronological timeline format
  • The entire “Incident Browser” can be emailed directly from this view

Incident Evaluation & Insights

  • Review incident chronology to identify opportunities for improving future incident response.
  • Incident review can uncover previously unidentified patterns to assist in tailoring InciCap to better manage future incidents and/or incident types.

Incident Capture

  • Capture incident details using text, photos, audio and video
  • Comprehensive search to locate specific incident
  • Manage the status of incidents
  • Add comments that are summarized on a daily basis
  • Add custom fields to the incident – on-the-fly
  • Scroll timeline view and access incident entries directly
  • All incident data backed up in the cloud
  • Email details of incident and/or incident entry from Incident Browser
  • Complete incident history available directly through app

Incident Resolution

  • No restrictions on incident task assignments
  • Detail status tracking of incident, incident events and incident task assignments
  • Detail feedback via channels
  • Security levels customizable by user and incident
  • Detail event history