Ben Theis

Director, Engineering and Construction

Ben Theis has managed WMATA field installation projects for over nine years and has experience in 90 stations, five garages, and three yards, as well as the Jackson Graham Building headquarters and the Carmen E. Turner Maintenance and Training Facility. Since joining the ICS team in 2014, Mr. Theis has successfully completed several Metro projects, including Pentagon Fiber, Electrician Services, and Red Line Rehab, making him an experienced voice within the transportation industry. Maintaining a hands-on approach to management, Mr. Theis is just as comfortable climbing around station interiors, walking the tunnels, and investigating vent shafts as he is sitting at his desk drafting spreadsheets, taking calls, and hosting team meetings.

Mr. Theis is Road Way Protection-trained (six years) and Building Industry Consultant Service International (BICSI)-trained, and he is a leader in providing confined space/LOTO training to those under his command. He serves as Program Manager on the FY2015 WMATA Electrician Services IDIQ (FQ15057), for which he oversees 15 master electricians who perform upgrades to the lighting infrastructure.


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