Mike Poel


Mike Poel is an experienced technology and management expert who joined ICS Nett in 2012. As CEO/COO, he oversees Business and IT operations and focuses on operational success, optimization, and mission accomplishment. Mike has extensive program management skills and expertise in enterprise management, application development, ITSM, and emerging technologies. Prior to ICS Nett, he successfully managed technology functions at Fannie Mae.

Full Bio:

Mike Poel joined ICS in 2012 as an expert in technology and management practices, with over 30 years of progressive management experience in various technical fields. Mr. Poel graduated from the Unites States Military Academy at West Point.

In addition to his role as CEO/COO, Mr. Poel is responsible for the design, implementation and operational management of IT and related organizations, in the U.S. and overseas markets, and focuses on the achievement of consistent operational success as a key foundation for the overall ICS business portfolio.  As part of achieving long-term operational proficiency across the organization, Mr. Poel places significant leadership emphasis on ensuring effective identification and implementation on operational optimization opportunities (process, efficiency, cost, compliance) at all levels, and successful initiative and mission accomplishment (on time, within budget, plan alignment, customer satisfaction).

Mr. Poel’s program management focus and capabilities encompasses strategy and planning, enterprise architecture, standards/controls (ITILv3/ISO9001 & 20k/CMMI3), initiatives/projects, enterprise objectives/analytics/reporting, budget/TCO, personnel/staffing, training, organizational effectiveness, software/hardware/services acquisition, service providers, risk management, system development methodology, asset portfolio, outsourced support, customer relations, and contract/customer management.

Mr. Poel has extensive expertise and proven success prior to and during his tenure at ICS leading programs involving comprehensive enterprise management (infrastructure, platform, applications, disaster recovery/contingency) and application development requiring requirements definition, design and technical specification, environment implementation and refinement, quality assurance and testing (e.g., stress, functionality/regression, integrated), ITSM and related processes/systems (system/application monitoring, service, change, incident/analysis/response, problem, asset/CMDB, capacity, security (e.g., access, roles, security monitoring/analysis/response, auditing, software updates and controls), and EOC operations implementations/ongoing management (console views, service levels, coverage, escalation, coordinated response [e.g., enterprise, external integration, physical plant, security].

Mr. Poel focuses ICS technology activities with a future vision toward solutions that have a strong foundation on system, database, network, storage, backup , and automation administration, and aggressively integrate and evolve key current and evolving technologies including virtualization, cloud (private, public, hybrid, community, XaaS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), mobility management, big data, and security/information assurance.

Prior to joining ICS, Mr. Poel managed various technology functions within Fannie Mae’s IT division for over 13 years.  Key among his successes at Fannie Mae was successfully leading enterprise and application operations, rapidly implementing a large restatement technical operations organization in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) directives, and extensive enterprise asset management resulting in significant long-term cost savings benefits

Technology is a powerful enabler, but it's ultimately the people who make the real difference. Our team's expertise, dedication, and passion drive our success and set us apart."


Executive Vice President,
ICT & Business Development

Kenneth Blount joined ICS in 2007 as the Director of Client Services. With expertise in management practices and commercial franchise, he has been instrumental in establishing verticals and matrix management. Blount’s leadership has led to the implementation of safety practices, successful contract executions, and the development of smart transit technology solutions. As Executive Vice President of Transit Authorities and Commercial Markets, he continues to drive quality and innovation in his role, contributing to the company’s success in securing facilities and transit corridors.

Full Bio:

Joining ICS in 2007 as Director of Client Services, Kenneth Blount presented clients with fresh experience, external domain views and was and is considered an expert in management practices, distribution and commercial franchise. His honed commercial sector successes resulted from a progressive career growth and responsibility in leadership roles at including Fortune500© firms BRLHardy USA, LTD (Americas) roles as President, Brown Forman Corp, Senior Vice President, with unique long term skills at each of the three industry tiers including manufacturer, distribution, and consumer market/marketing; further commercial experience in executive roles as and Managing Director, US Based startup GlobalBeverage, Inc., Senior Vice President, International Sales, DPI , Inc, opening commercial and services markets in the Middle East and the Americas; In his tenure at ICS Nett, Inc, he was keen on establishing the concept of verticals and matrix management and has served in opening and developing roles as ICS Director, Vice President, SVP and Executive Vice President, adding structure as the organization grew. Additional services have led to his recognition as expert consult to governments and facilities in the area of risk assessment at a physical layer of campus and compound.

Ken is personally a familiar face in global transit areas, with large firms calling for his knowledge in security and commercial approaches to smart transit technology, including RFID and tracking, as well as crowd management from an information perspective using security, CCTV and associated biometric tools and knowledge. Insistent on documented training and safety as a policy not practice, in 2008, Ken established the safety practices at ICS in transit that have set the standard His team, under his leadership has initiated, drafted, proposed and executed much of the over 100 task orders and significant proposal and contract executions from IT, support, infrastructure and security.

Experience and supportive training and commercialization efforts were key attributes by Blount in building sustainable business in several ICS new Markets. Prior ICS roles include the important ingredients that reward our clients daily with value and trust and shall be the risk mitigated value in his delivery as Executive Vice President of Transit Authorities and Commercial Markets.

In transit and commercial markets, Blount leads the team with his experience and patience to assure quality in people and product. It was this area that evolved the ICS ISS (Integrated Security System) that is used in securing facilities and transit corridors in our projects for safety and security. In the last five years, the ICS RFID portfolio was built and directed under Blount, and is fundamental to the SecureSite ISS planning, implementation and success. The ISS is one of the ICS product offerings, and unique to ICS.

The success in teams developed and new markets as Executive and Director in ICS Telecommunications, Client Services, PMO, and product marketing, as well as EVP leading new markets launching RFID and RTLS practices for ICS, in US and International markets and deploying Security Policy and Analysis for campus and compound in world markets. At ICS he was built markets in transportation, transit, and Federal information and telecommunications sectors and has provided the energies and experience in the strong disciplines needed for Project management is his forte and has included strategic efforts for the Virginia Commonwealth Transportation (VDOT) involving setup structure and operations control migration.

Important in his leadership in Transit, and his ability to understand culture and cooperative teaming, his career has taken him to depth of experience in each and all fifty states, and nearly fifty countries including Capital cities, and four continents. This is the experience that consistently delivers results as Executive Vice President of Transit Authorities and Commercial Markets.

Innovation is the key to success in today's rapidly evolving world. We must constantly push boundaries and challenge the status quo to deliver the best solutions for our clients and customers."


Executive Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Speede is an experienced executive with over 25 years of leadership in IT integration. He specializes in product management, business development, and IT transformation. His expertise includes healthcare IT, cloud solutions, and emergency coordination. He has a strong track record in delivering innovative products and forming strategic partnerships. Mr. Speede holds an MBA in Information Systems and has taught software development.

Full Bio:

Mr. Speede is a professional hands-on executive in the Information Technology Integration business, with more than 25 years of experience leading IT organizations and multiple departments simultaneously. His leadership experience spans both internal and external Product Management functions and includes presiding as leader of all product development operations, product program implementation, business development, and program acquisition. Mr. Speede has strength in entrepreneurship, engineering, healthcare IT, Health and Wellness product marketing, product development, organizational motivation, product branding, strategic organizational culture, IT transformation, and program management.

As the former Vice President for an emerging federal systems integrator, Mr. Speede directed strategic business expansion in growth areas important to Federal Civilian markets. He was responsible for establishing a new customer base across 4 federal civilian agencies while rebranding the company and establishing new Federal Market positioning strategies. Mr. Speede served with the leadership team to manage the company’s ongoing growth strategy, and provided insight into how the firm delivered technical business services to drive near term and future demand within the Federal Civilian markets. He is credited with establishing new governance policies and for building new business development best practices as a foundation for excellence in capture and strategic growth planning. Prior to serving as Vice President, Mr. Speede served as Chief Strategy Officer for an emerging mobility company and was responsible for implementing private cloud solutions that integrate health records and provide ambulatory workflow solutions within the private and public sector markets.

In his role as Chief Strategy Officer of an Electronic Medical Records / Telemedicine company within the Health Care IT industry Mr. Speede implemented private cloud solutions for securing and delivering personal health records. In that role he was responsible for the product vision, product strategy, design, development, and marketing of an innovative mobile personal health record aggregation company with IoT integration. Mr. Speede developed and sold products to more than 50,000 hospital and health care delivery practices within the second largest electronic medical records network nationally. He was also responsible for integration with the more than 5.2 million beneficiaries within the Veterans Health Administration, 70 percent of the Health and Fitness clubs nationally and healthcare payers.

Mr. Speede presented to public and private healthcare stakeholders and provided solutions for how to introduce innovative incentive based systems to improve patient care. He also marketed care delivery models to encourage greater integration of care with more patient involvement. For the healthcare industry he demonstrated how to implement tech solutions to support reconfigured patient services models which improve financial performance, increase cost effectiveness, improve population health status, and boost quality of outcomes in support of continuity of care. Mr. Speede notably was responsible for delivering a new generation of products to market as the IoT Personal Health Information Exchange for patient centric care and continuity between healthcare and wellness with proactive fitness lifestyles.

Mr. Speede brings leadership strength through his experience managing large corporate partnerships, and overseeing go to market strategy. Mr. Speede also has a depth of experience with the transformation of product ideas from their early stages into actionable concepts, timelines, and projects while maintaining a dissemination of the vision across all product delivery stakeholder teams. His expertise includes leading product pricing strategy, marketing needs, and the overall objectives of the business both short, medium and long term. He has presided as the manager of day-to-day product management activities for the purpose of ensuring delivery of product and business goals within the healthcare market. Mr. Speede also ensured product compliance with needed health care standards and regulations, including security compliance in the federal markets.

Previously for ICS, Mr. Speede served 8 years’ as Executive Vice President over Business Development, and Product Management for software products including 6 years in Product Management oversight. Reporting directly to the CEO, he has managed a peak of over 100 technical personnel across software development, infrastructure, requirements management, testing, architecture, configuration management, deployment, quality assurance, and customer account management departments. Mr. Speede has over two decades of experience being responsible for business development in the federal markets while also managing departmental functions surrounding product development, including mentorship role for key product management personnel, constantly ensuring improvement in their professional skills and providing assistance in mastering their duties, conflict resolution, team building and goal achievement strategies.

Previously for ICS he has overseen strategic product development, and strategic corporate business development partnerships for long term growth, market leadership and innovation. He formulated and maintained key partnerships and managed government and private sector alliances including customers within the Department of Homeland Security, Civilian and Department of Defense markets. Mr. Speede has successfully overseen partnerships with large systems integrators including IBM, FiberLink, SAIC, CACI, and CSC, CGI and more. He is credited with winning and leading to successful completion of one of the Top 10 highest risk Federal Government programs in the Department of Commerce.

Mr. Speede has previously served as Director of Emergency Coordination at General Dynamics for 6 years, and Program Manager of Decision Support Systems at MCI Telecommunications. Mr. Speede presided over the delivery of several Billion dollars in Disaster relief funding by leading 3 separate lines of business at General Dynamics Emergency Coordination for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. His career also includes development of the international standard for XML-based Public warning messaging framework, the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) currently in use at the US Department of Homeland Security with wider sustained adoption within the global emergency management community.

Mr. Speede is a graduate of Binghamton University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Political Science. He earned an MBA Cum Laude, from the Binghamton University Graduate School of Management in Information Systems and has been a software developer by trade. He has lectured for 2 years at the Binghamton University School of Management in Information Systems and is credited with teaching classes for federal clients that enabled transition into innovative and emerging software development technologies and leading edge data driven software engineering techniques.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, successful businesses must embrace IT integration as a strategic imperative to stay ahead of the competition."


Executive Vice President,
Engineering Services

Mr. Khanh Ho-Si is a seasoned professional in the EPC industry with over 35 years of experience. He has worked extensively in the Middle East, managing major oil and gas projects. His expertise includes IT, Automation, Construction, and data center solutions. Currently, he serves as the ICS Project Director for data center contracts in Saudi Arabia.

Full Bio:

Mr. Khanh Ho-Si is a seasoned professional in the EPC industry with over 35 years of experience. Mr. Ho-Si has spent over 30 years in the Middle East and handled a variety of major projects in oil and gas industry encompassing IT, Automation, and Construction.

Over the span of his career, Mr. Ho-Si held numerous executive, technical, and managerial positions with international corporations. He established and executed corporate capture planning and development strategies covering new technology. His expertise encompasses design, engineering, construction, IT and security solutions, data center solutions, ICT infrastructure, Energy Management systems, and SCADA systems.

His lengthy work experience includes working previously for WorleyParsons and successfully managed and delivered several important oil and gas projects for Saudi Aramco, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, and Qatar Petroleum.

Presently Mr. Ho-Si is working as the ICS Project Director for the design-build contract of data centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mr. Ho-Si holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from McGill University.

In the EPC industry, success is driven by a combination of technical excellence, efficient project management, and strong collaboration. We strive to excel in all these areas to deliver exceptional results for our clients."


Senior Vice President,
Managed Support Services

Becky Lewis is the Executive VP for Managed Support Services at ICS. She specializes in Cybersecurity, Customer Engagement Solutions, and State, Local, & Education (SLED) business areas. Becky’s achievements include winning contracts for call center services and designing an AI-enabled IVR system. She has also played a significant role in securing a long-term cybersecurity program contract for ICS. Her expertise and relationships have earned the trust of clients and contract awards for the company.

Full Bio:

Rebecca “Becky” Lewis is the Executive Vice President for Managed Support Services where she specializes in the Cybersecurity, Customer Engagement Solutions, and State, Local, & Education (SLED) business areas. Becky started at ICS in 2008 and utilized her previous call center/help desk management experience at Fannie Mae to win the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center (RCSC) contract for ICS in March of 2014. This was the first call center for WMATA utilizing a cloud-based technology solution.   

While running the SmarTrip® RCSC, Becky won a contract with the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) to support end users of their new transit system mobile application and web portal allowing customers to access mobile ticket accounts. In 2022, ICS returned to MTA to design an AI enabled IVR in support of a new fare collection system. This state-of-the-art IVR uses “natural speak” technology permitting customers to just voice their reason for calling and receive self-service responses.  

In 2019, Becky was tapped by senior management to support our largest Cybersecurity program within the DOD. She quickly became entrenched in the program and worked diligently on the re-compete strategy, resulting in a five-year contract award that runs through 2027.  Becky’s unique experience in operations, human resources and business development have contributed to her ability to develop key relationships in her business verticals earning trust from her clients and contract awards for ICS.  

At ICS, we strive to deliver exceptional customer engagement solutions that not only meet our clients' needs but exceed their expectations."


Fawad S. Faruqi is an experienced professional in the banking industry with 18 years of experience, primarily in the Financial Markets – Treasury sector. He has worked with global financial institutions, including Standard Chartered Bank PLC and Deutsche Bank AG, Pakistan. Fawad has expertise in devising financial hedging strategies and managing derivative portfolios. In his role at ICS, he focuses on enhancing operational efficiency, corporate governance, and client interactions. He holds an MBA degree from the College of Business Management, Pakistan.

Full Bio: 

Fawad S. Faruqi streamlines operational efficiencies across the organization. He brings a wealth of 18 years’ experience in the banking industry, in Pakistan, out of which, an enriching 16 years were spent working for the Financial Markets – Treasury.

Before joining ICS, Mr. Faruqi worked for 16 years with global financial institutions, which include Standard Chartered Bank PLC and more recently, he was the Head of Financial Markets Sales at Deutsche Bank AG, Pakistan. Over the years, in his previous roles, Fawad was responsible for product pitches by devising financial hedging strategies for Clients through complex Structured Products (Derivatives), and successfully hedged their Foreign Currency, Interest Rate as well as Commodity derivative (Crude Oil, Coal & Copper) portfolios.

Mr. Faruqi is responsible for improving the over-all operational excellence, corporate governance, working with teams internally and conducting client interactions on Projects. He holds an M.B.A degree from College of Business Management, Pakistan.

Operational efficiency is the backbone of any successful organization. By optimizing processes and streamlining workflows, we can unlock the true potential of our business."


Vice President,
Corporate Excellence

Mr. Doss is a seasoned IT professional with over 30 years of experience in IT and Engineering. He has expertise in architecture, design, and implementation for large projects, including cloud migration and modernization. He has established a Program Management Office and implemented best practices in quality management, IT service management, and information security. Mr. Doss has successfully led complex projects in various industries, including aviation and government systems. He has a passion for SMART technology projects and data center/systems migration to the cloud. Currently, he is focused on enhancing ICS Nett’s capabilities in program/project management, quality management, and cybersecurity. Mr. Doss holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

Full Bio:

Mr. Doss is a seasoned IT professional with over 30 years’ experience in the IT and Engineering industry. He has hands-on experience in architecture, design and implementation through its lifecycle for large and complex projects including commercial airlines and large U.S. government systems involving modernization and migration to the Cloud.

Mr. Doss has established a Program Management Office (PMO) from the ground-up, instituting best practices conforming to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI-ML3), established alignment of Quality Management (ISO 9001: 2008, 2015), IT Service Management (ITSM) (ISO 20000: 2011, 2018) and Information Security (ISO 27001: 2013) per ISO Standards and NIST, FISMA Compliance. Mr. Doss has mastered various Software Engineering Life Cycle (SDLC) management practices involving waterfall, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Rational Unified Process and the recent Agile/Scrum using Feature and Test Driven Design (FDD/TDD) methodologies. He also implemented rigorous DevOps practices.

Mr. Doss is one of a handful in the leadership team that executed a timely completion of Decennial Census in 2010 using Agile and rigorous DevOps practices. Prior to joining ICS, Mr. Doss has been a Project Manager and Solutions Architect for Lockheed Martin and Raytheon where he led various large scale multi-year projects to a successful completion. His work involved complex Solution Architecture, Design, Data Modeling and Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) and migration/modernization of a Legacy system for the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office), implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to support numerous interfacing systems, Data Mart and Business Intelligence Systems.

Mr. Doss started his career with Air India, implementing Real-Time Reservations, Departure Control systems and Flight Planning. Mr. Doss pioneered many innovative solutions including Passenger-Baggage reconciliation and disaster recovery for IT systems. Such experiences led Mr. Doss to the development of Advanced Automation in Air Traffic Control systems with the FAA and IBM, where he led a team of Engineers as Dy. Program Manager.

Mr. Doss, has a passionate for planning and implementing complex SMART technology projects, as well as the design/migration of large and complex Data Center/Systems to the Cloud.

Currently, Mr. Doss has taken responsibilities to enhance the capabilities of ICS Nett in Program/Project Management, Quality Management and Cyber Security to meet the demands of many complex projects.

Mr. Doss holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Madras, India.

Cybersecurity is a top priority in today's interconnected world. I am determined to strengthen our defenses and safeguard critical systems and data from evolving threats."


Director, Software Development & Support

Abdul Aziz is the Director of Software Development & Support with expertise in Microsoft Dynamics AX & D365 ERP software. He is responsible for architectural development, solution integration, software evaluation, and team supervision. Abdul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications and certifications as a Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Solution Architect and Oracle Certified Database Administrator.

Full Bio:

Abdul Aziz has been working as Director of Software Development & Support with 15 years of technology experience in Microsoft Dynamics AX & D365 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. Before this, he was working as Microsoft Dynamics AX Administrator for ICS Nett. As Director of Software Development & Support, Abdul Aziz is responsible for developing and maintaining the architectural road map, combining solution, integration, and infrastructure activities also from an operational perspective and evaluating software solutions and system performance, as well as supervising the software development team.

Abdul Aziz has a Bachelors in Computer Applications. He is also Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 Solution Architect and Oracle Certified Database Administrator.

In the world of software development, adaptability is key. Embrace change, pivot when necessary, and always strive for continuous improvement."


Deputy Program Manager

Darnell Lomax has over 40 years of experience in the DoD and Intelligence Industry. He currently serves as Deputy Program Manager for a major DoD agency, overseeing cybersecurity operations and policies. He has provided leadership in both government and corporate settings, specializing in cybersecurity and project management. Darnell holds advanced degrees and certifications in cybersecurity and information resource management.

Full Bio:

Mr. Darnell Lomax has over 40 years of experience in both the DoD and the Intelligence Industry (IC). Darnell is currently serving as the Deputy Program Manager for a major DoD agency where he is responsible for managing/leading the cyber teams and coordinating with government and program POCs to set priorities for Cybersecurity policies and programs, conducting reviews and assessments, performing defensive Cyber operations, and maintaining certification and accreditation. The Deputy Program Manager, working side-by-side with the Program Manager, will report the status of cleared personnel and approved system accesses, and is responsible for developing, presenting, integrating, and monitoring Cybersecurity policies and requirements.

While serving in the United States Army, Darnell supported a multitude of organizations and agencies.  In the Intelligence industry, he has provided corporate leadership facilitating and helping government organizations identify actionable program and project management for cyber security for their current infrastructure.  Additionally, he has defined cross-functional programs and designs for implementation of Cyber Security solutions to protect critical infrastructure related to Information Systems. 

Darnell serves on the External Advisory board for Technology and Cyber Security for Bowie State. Darnell has a M.S Cyber Security from University of Maryland, a M.S Information Resource Management from Central Michigan University and a B.S. in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1995. He also possesses a PMP Certification and a CISM certification, in addition to being Software Engineering Certified.

Effective project management is about striking the right balance between innovation and risk management. It's about embracing change while ensuring the stability and resilience of our systems."


Cyber Defense Operations Engineering Lead

Robert “BJ” Karp Jr is an experienced cybersecurity professional specializing in cyber threat hunting and vulnerability analysis. He has 9 years of experience working on DoD enclaves, including assignments with the Marine Corps Cyber Protection Team and the Marine Corps Cyber Operations Group. BJ is currently employed as a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer and CDO Engineering Lead at ICS Nett. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security from George Mason University.

Full Bio:

Robert “BJ” Karp Jr is an accomplished security professional with extensive cybersecurity experience. He has been working for ICS Nett since 2021 as Senior Cybersecurity Engineer and CDO Engineering Lead. BJ specializes in Cyber Threat Hunting Operations and Vulnerability Analysis on DoD enclaves. 

BJ has 9 years’ experience as a Cyber Threat Hunter, Vulnerability Management Specialist, and Cybersecurity engineer primarily covering DoD enclaves. 

BJ’s previous assignments include being a member of a Marine Corps Cyber Protection Team (CPT) conducting vulnerability analysis and host-based hunt analyst/engineer utilizing tools such as: Splunk, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, FireEye HX, and Tanium. BJ was also a member of the MCCOG (Marine Corps Cyber Operations Group) VMT (Vulnerability Management Team) responsible for analyzing the vulnerability stature for the Marine Corps MCEN (Marine Core Enterprise Enclave). 

BJ Karp has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and a Minor in Business from George Mason University.  

I believe in a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Instead of waiting for attacks to happen, we should actively hunt for threats and neutralize them before they cause damage."


Information System Security Engineer Lead

Christopher Haskell is an experienced security and network architect leading a team of Information Systems Security Engineers (ISSE) supporting intelligence agencies in the DoD. He possesses extensive knowledge of federal IT cybersecurity requirements and holds industry certifications. Christopher holds an MBA in Information Systems and a BA in Business Information Systems.

Full Bio:

Christopher Haskell is an experienced security and network architect with over 10+ years of hands-on technical engineering experience in assessing, designing and implementing complex and secure IT solutions. As an Information Systems Security Engineer (ISSE) Lead, Christopher is directing a team of ISSE’s that support intelligence agencies within the DoD.

His knowledge and expertise with Federal IT cybersecurity requirements include the Risk Management Framework (RMF), DISA STIGs, eMASS, DoD Policy and NIST Special Publications, has proven invaluable to our Government partners in reviewing and analyzing emerging IT infrastructure, application, and Cloud projects as well as ensuring all current Agency assets remain compliant and secure.

Chris holds a number of industry engineering and security certifications from Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and CompTIA as well as a M.B.A. in Information Systems, and a B.A. in Business Information Systems from Ashford University.

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field, and it's our duty to stay informed, continuously learn, and adapt to emerging threats. There's always something new to discover and defend against."


Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Jeffrey Garrett is a seasoned security professional with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. He joined ICS Nett in 2020 as a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer. Jeff specializes in network monitoring and advanced malware detection, ensuring the smooth operation of alert systems. He has previously worked at FireEye Incorporated, providing technical support and managing threat prevention platforms. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Full Bio:

Jeffrey Garrett is an accomplished security professional with extensive cybersecurity experience. He has been working for ICS Nett since 2020 as Senior Cybersecurity Engineer. Jeff Garrett provides cybersecurity expertise to install, operate and maintain network monitoring tools capable of advanced malware detection. Additionally, he provides assistance in the alert triage process and ensure the alert flow from the sensors to the monitoring SIEM is maintained/operational.

Jeff Garrett has over 20 years’ experience as a Cybersecurity, Network & Support Engineer covering multiple DOD, financial and commercial infrastructures.

Jeff Garrett’s previous assignments include extensive cybersecurity experience as a Principal Designated Support Engineer at FireEye Incorporated, providing technical support and account management of various threat prevention platforms and worked rapidly across multiple departments/teams to solve complex technical problems relating to FireEye’s technology (EX, NX, AX, CM, PX, IA, and ETP).

Jeff Garrett has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

As a cybersecurity engineer, I'm driven by the mission to protect and defend. Knowing that my work contributes to safeguarding critical information and infrastructure gives me a sense of purpose."


Information Systems Security Engineer

Jay Kennedy is an IT professional with 25+ years of experience in designing and supporting IT solutions for federal and military clients. He specializes in IT operations and security, particularly in healthcare and intelligence. Jay has been with ICS Nett since 2010 and has obtained Authority to Operate (ATO) for a major data center following the specified Risk Management Framework (RMF) by NIST. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University.

Full Bio:

Mr. Jay Kennedy is an IT professional with more than 25 years of experience in designing, implementing, and supporting IT solutions that support large enterprise for federal and military customers.  Jay has focused on IT Operations and IT Security for Healthcare, for medical services, and for the intelligence industry. He has been working for ICS Nett, Inc. since December of 2010. 

Mr. Kennedy worked as IT operational subject matter expert directly with Information Security Auditing professionals to successfully gain Authority to Operate (ATO) for a major data center following customer specified Risk Management Framework (RMF).  RMF is published by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  

Mr. Kennedy holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, magna cum laude achieved June 1989 from DeVry University.

My passion for IT security stems from the knowledge that the work I do directly contributes to safeguarding vital systems and information. It's about making a positive impact and instilling trust in the technology we rely on."