Guiding through Zero Trust Journey

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At its core, Zero Trust is founded on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” It challenges the conventional assumption that once an entity gains access to the network, it can be inherently trusted. Instead, Zero Trust adopts a more cautious stance, considering all users, devices, and network components as potentially untrustworthy until their legitimacy is verified.

With direction being provided by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and following the executive order 14028, Government Agencies are reviewing their policies and processes to gradually transition to Zero Trust models. ICS Nett offers it’s expertise for federal agencies on that journey, assessing, developing, and deploying custom solutions that fit their unique information security needs.

Moving towards Zero Trust

Assess and Map

Identifying critical assets, systems, and data flows within the organization. Gain a comprehensive understanding of dependencies and potential vulnerabilities.

Develop Policies

Develop granular access policies tailored to user roles, responsibilities, and the principle of least privilege. Strengthen authentication mechanisms, such as MFA, to verify the identities of users.

Network Segmentation

Segment the network into distinct zones or segments based on sensitivity and risk factors. Implement stringent access controls between these segments, and continuously monitor network traffic for any signs of suspicious activities.

Data & Application

Many environments are heavily focused on applications and data protection. Zero Trust requires data classification and loss prevention strategies, container security automation, and cross system integration via APIs.

Continuous Monitoring

Deploy cutting-edge monitoring tools and sophisticated analytics platforms to proactively identify anomalies and potential threats. Leverage the power of machine learning and behavioral analysis to detect patterns indicative of malicious activities.

Training & Awareness

Foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness among employees. Encourage adherence to robust password policies, vigilant scrutiny of phishing emails, and prompt reporting of any suspicious activities.

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Contract Vehicles

We hold multiple contract vehicles to serve a broad spectrum of Government IT services requirements, including cyber defense operations and foundation for zero trust security, sustainable and efficient IT infrastructure development and network engineering


For nearly two decades, ICS Nett has been supporting the US Intelligence community IT infrastructure and security requirements. From daily operation to managing 500+ separate system security and integration, we help agencies in achieving their missions.

Guiding the US Federal Government towards Zero Trust

Our Viewpoint

We believe that there are numerous ways for Federal agencies to migrate to Zero Trust architecture, and one solution does not exist. Understanding each agency’s business principles, their current IT architecture, technical environment and digitalization plans, recognizing the evolving cyber threats, and defining the specific approach, technology and tools is the key to success.

ICS Nett goal is to play a trusted advisor’s role in helping to accelerate agencies journey toward an early zero trust maturity, help them to adjust to a new technologies, processes, and compliance requirements.

“Zero Trust implementation requires drastic shift to the approach there no user, system, network, or service can be trusted. Our government clients’ current level of IT modernization, automation, systems complexity and processes varies a lot. Each agency requires individual assessment and custom strategy for the smooth transition that would allow to sustain current operations, be efficient and futureproof,” said Becky Lewis, EVP at ICS Nett.

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Guiding through Zero Trust Journey

Guiding through Zero Trust Journey

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Contact us today and learn more about ICS Nett Government Cybersecurity services. Take the first step towards securing your digital assets.