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Rethinking Cybersecurity for a Digital Transformation

Comprehensive Solutions
for Secure Digitalization:


Creating an invulnerable cyber defense strategy requires a comprehensive approach that combines effective technology solutions and process integration. As technology advances and the amount of data we store and transmit online continues to grow, the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches becomes ever more prevalent. These attacks can have devastating consequences, both in terms of financial losses and damage to reputation. To stay protected, it is essential to have a robust cybersecurity strategy in place.

ICS Nett is a trusted partner that helps protect the data, systems, and networks of Intelligence and DoD Agencies, Healthcare, and Public service providers from cybersecurity threats, malicious software and viruses, advanced persistent threats from nation-states, as well as hackers and cybercriminals. ICS Nett provides network security, cloud security, information assurance, information security, enterprise application security, and secure coding experts.



Creating Cybersecurity Resilience

Strategy & Consultancy

Technology Roadmap | Program development | Governance Development | Program Management | SME Support | Reporting & Dashboards | Analytics

Security Engineering

Enterprise Architecture | System Engineering | Defense in Depth | Zero Trust | Cloud Security | Technology Integration

Governance & Compliance

Security Assessment | Penetration Testing | Risk Management Framework (RMF) | ISSO Support | Continuous Monitoring | POA&M Remediation


Requirement | Agile Secure Code Development | Containerization Automation | Code Analysis | Rapid Release

Prevention & Remediation

AI & ML Integration | Trend Analysis | Data Analytics | Instant Response | Automated Recovery | Back-ups

24X7 Operations

Threat Intelligence/ Threat Hunting | Incident Management | Security Help Desk | System Operations & Maintenance | Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) | Splunk Enterprise Security

Client Highlights

Critical Support to the U.S. Intelligence Agencies
Cybersecurity & Enterprise Architecture (DoD Intelligence Agency)
Military Health Information Technologies for DHA

Critical Support to the U.S. Intelligence Agencies

ICS Nett fully embraced the DOD's collaborative security assessment approach, enhancing intelligence agency information protection and A&A procedures. Amidst organizational changes, the DOD Intelligence agency expanded responsibilities to include personnel security, security education, and asset protection. ICS Nett's involvement in the National Industrial Security Program ensured compliance, while their implementation of A&A procedures and adherence to various standards yielded secure systems. Their contributions extended to project management, cybersecurity, and network defense, with the CARC team overseeing A&A, system validation, and continuous monitoring.

Cybersecurity & Enterprise Architecture (DoD Intelligence Agency)

ICS Nett supports our DoD intelligence agencies in managing their cybersecurity enterprises. The enterprise cyber security mission encompasses cybersecurity systems engineering, secure systems integration, cybersecurity, oversight activities of its data management, and related cybersecurity technology efforts. Current cyber priorities are in the areas of Zero Trust and Artificial Intelligence as they represent the latest cybersecurity concerns. ICS Nett provides a full staff of cybersecurity professionals that work hand-in-hand with the civilian personnel.

Military Health Information Technologies for DHA

ICS Nett provided innovative and flexible services supporting healthcare delivery for the military. Our solutions improved efficiency and effectiveness of new and existing MHS IT investments by enabling modernization. We helped client to maximize infrastructure portfolio value and ensure mission assurance, including compliance with information assurance requirements, enterprise governance, and resource management activities.

Guiding the U.S. Federal Government towards Zero Trust

Looking over the horizon

Executive Vice President,
Managed Support Services

For organizations undergoing digital transformation, cybersecurity investment and skills are falling behind. While digitalization enables businesses for seamless integration of operations, a cyber attack can swipe all the promised returns in one test. From technology through processes to human error – the interconnected businesses become vulnerable to cyber threats.

There was a time when cybersecurity was restricted to the IT department, not anymore. Cybersecurity has taken the front seat now and is always one of the most discussed points on the agenda of any board meeting. Prioritizing high-value asset protection in the digital world becomes a key. ICS Nett brings expertise and experience in creating cybersecurity resilience for digital organizations. We provide a comprehensive security mechanism for entire cyber security lifecycle. We support our clients on their journey towards Zero Trust, developing strategy and processes, and ensure expedient, cost-effective and scalable protection from cyber threats.


Building Cybersecurity Resilience

As today's digital world continues to transform, the security model that aims to proactively protect entire infrastructures is Zero Trust. ICS Nett guides Federal Government transition to Zero Trust providing effective and custom tailored approach.

The evolution of AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies are bringing new opportunities and challenges into the cybersecurity field. We are looking at the explosive changes across many industries, and discussing the complexity of the new threats.

Federal agencies remain the main target for cyber crime, and the attacks on nation critical systems becomes more and more sophisticated and frequent. We share deep understanding of federal agencies technology, and we understand clients IT infrastructure and systems.

Join Our Cyber Team

Are you looking to advance your career in Cybersecurity or break into the industry? ICS Nett is a trusted cybersecurity services provider to Federal Government, Local, State and Public sectors. Join our expert team, work with the brightest minds and support the U.S. national security.