Storage Management

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Storage management is an ever increasing critical function within the enterprise computing environment as data volumes continuously become larger, more complex, and increasing in demand.  Storage technologies are evolving rapidly to address the challenges related to how companies and organizations must manage, manipulate and use data to track, trend, analyze and report business data in real-time.

ICS Nett brings extensive capability to work with our clients to design physical and virtual storage solutions to effectively support the specific business data requirements, and manage engineering, implementation, testing and verification, configuration and operations to optimize storage efficiencies, flexibilities, reliability and redundancy for targeted and effective recovery.  We maintain key technology partnerships with storage solution providers such as HP EMC, NetApp, and Hitachi.

Providing Scalable and Secure Storage Solutions

Storage Virtualization

ICS Nett provides the needed assessment of storage requirements to identify virtualization options to optimize the use efficiency and flexibility of applicable storage devices. Our team collaborates with our clients to design, implement, configure and test the defined virtualization solution to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Implementation

We offer design and implementation services for Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions to provide centralized and scalable storage for enterprise applications and data. This involves configuring storage arrays and SAN switches, establishing connectivity between servers and storage devices, and implementing features such as data replication, snapshotting, and backups.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Setup

ICS Nett can assist organizations in implementing Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices. NAS provides file-level storage accessible over a network, enabling centralized file sharing, data backup, and collaboration among users. ICS can configure NAS devices, set up file sharing protocols such as NFS or SMB/CIFS, and implement appropriate access controls and permissions.

Storage Capacity Management

ICS Nett assesses an organization's storage needs and develops a comprehensive capacity planning strategy. This involves analyzing current data storage requirements, estimating future growth, and designing storage architectures. We help organizations implement tiered storage solutions, where data is classified based on its importance or frequency of access.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

ICS Nett can assist organizations in implementing robust backup and disaster recovery solutions for their servers and storage systems. We design backup strategies based on the organization's Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). This includes setting up backup schedules, selecting appropriate backup methods (full, incremental, or differential), and configuring backup retention policies.

Storage Service

ICS Nett coordinates with our clients to assess on premise storage solutions and determines possibly functionality, capacity and performance limitations, and provides options to utilize Storage as a Service solutions to efficiently augment the existing storage capabilities and ensure achieving the required data management performance and reliability.

Improving Performance with Reliable Solutions

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Storage Management

Storage Management

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ICS Nett can help with you to better manage your Data Storage. Contact us today.