Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Solutions

Increase Your Speed to the Market

Seamless Cloud Solutions for Modern Businesses

Drive Your Business Agility, Streamline Operations, and Reduce Costs

In today’s digital age business of all sizes are considering and moving towards cloud solutions to address:  reduced total cost of ownership (TCO); increased business performance resourcing/compute services; quality of service including performance, reliability, redundancies and disaster recovery; enhanced enterprise services including infrastructure and platform options, orchestrated processes and assurance/cybersecurity; self-service and on-demand IT service delivery to support DevOps/DevSecOps; increased, flexible and dynamically extensible capacities; operational standardization, reliability and efficiency; and reduced architecture and implementation challenges and complexities; and  business agility and adaptability including optimized employee and partner productivity/collaboration, and remote/mobility access from anywhere.

At ICS Nett, we understand the importance of efficient, sustainable and secure cloud solutions and we work closely with our clients to identify and implement a wide range of cloud services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, accounting for private/on premise, CSP (cloud solution provider) and hybrid solutions. To address your cloud computing, storage and other services requirements, we comprehensively collaborate with your team to fully and effectively plan and manage cloud transformation and implementations, providing the expertise and technical experience to ultimately ensure that your business continues to thrive today and into the future. To minimize and mitigate risks we partner with industry-standard CSPs and technologies, focusing on reducing costs, achieving sustainable growth and flexibilities, and optimizing the cloud solution business and technical benefits.


Cloud Solutions

Efficient and Secure Solutions for Data Storage, Processing, and Collaboration

Cloud Strategy

We collaborate with our clients to develop a customized cloud strategy that enables leveraging cloud technology effectively in order to maximize multiple business and technology benefits. We thoroughly assess your current business requirements and future goals to effectively define all aspects of a reliable and cost efficient cloud solution, and provide specific guidance on how to transform to a cloud architecture, including adapting business applications, implementing new and updated technical solutions, and refining operational capabilities.

Migration & Transformation

Cloud migration and transformation are complex, time-consuming endeavors that require careful and detailed planning, intensive collaboration between business and IT stakeholders, and a clear, specific understanding of the organization's objectives. By effectively accounting for these aspects, and considering the specific needs and challenges of your organization, we can help successfully migrate and transform your applications and infrastructure to the cloud.

Engineering & Automation

Both are essential components of modern cloud environments. Our engineers focus on designing, building-out, and managing cloud infrastructure and services, while continuously assessing for and implementing automated mechanisms where possible to increase infrastructure processing efficiencies that optimize environment and operational reliability and capability, and therefore reduce manual processes and increase cost benefits.

Management & Optimization

By effectively managing and optimizing cloud environments, we can ensure that your organization achieves cost savings, improves performance, enhances security, and maximizes the value derived from cloud services and resources. We will define and implement comprehensive monitoring, analysis, automation, and compliance to achieve successful cloud management and optimization.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is a shared concern and responsibility between the cloud service provider and the client. We help to define and implement a comprehensive security strategy, leveraging the various security features that are provided by the cloud provider, and which adheres to best practices and designated compliance requirements to ensure that your organization can proactively and responsively identify and mitigate security risks, and optimally protect applications and data in the cloud.

WMATA SmartTrip®
Military Health Information Technologies for DHA

WMATA SmartTrip®

Setting precedent for the Digital Age – ICS Nett started the trend for all modern-day call centers with Real Time Technologies. We pioneered Advanced Cloud Solutions for the SmartTrip Regional Customer Service Center (RCSC) – a first ever for WMATA’s RCSC. State-of-the-art Self-Service Customer Support solution was developed in accordance with ADA (American With Disabilities Act).

Military Health Information Technologies for DHA

ICS Nett successfully migrated the data center infrastructure and customer computing platforms from a 100% physical hosting infrastructure to a 95% virtualized environment within 4 years resulting in Government cost-savings, sustainability and energy efficiency. We delivered optimal results for the DARPA Triage Challenge (DTC), which included design and implementation of VDI and a private cloud infrastructure which enabled the development and testing environments to be rapidly built and reconfigured by the end-users themselves via a self-service portal.

Zero Trust in Cloud Native World

Reinforcing Security in an Evolving Landscape

Governments and organizations are moving to Zero Trust models that operate on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” This security model challenges the conventional notion of a trusted internal network, requiring verification of every user, device, and network transaction, regardless of their location or origin. By adopting Zero Trust, organizations can proactively defend against modern cyber threats, safeguard critical data, and maintain a strong security posture.

Cloud-native environments pose unique security challenges due to their distributed nature and dynamic workloads. As organizations embrace cloud infrastructure, micro services, and containerization, the attack surface expands, increasing the risk of vulnerabilities and breaches. Zero Trust principles provide a powerful framework to tackle these challenges. In a cloud-native world, Zero Trust emphasizes granular identity and access management, robust encryption, continuous monitoring, and adaptive security controls. Strong authentication and authorization mechanisms ensure only authorized entities access sensitive resources, while encryption throughout the data lifecycle adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access. Continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection enable prompt anomaly identification and effective response, while adaptive security controls adapt to the dynamic cloud-native environment, enabling organizations to maintain consistent security amidst change. By adopting Zero Trust as a guiding principle, organizations can navigate the complexities of the cloud-native landscape while strengthening their security foundations.

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Cloud-native environment security involves tailored security measures for protecting applications and infrastructure in dynamic cloud-native architectures. It addresses challenges presented by technologies like containers and microservices, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Optimizing the multi-channel experience for customers involves delivering a seamless and personalized interaction across various channels to enhance satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. It requires data-driven insights, system integration, and user-centric design principles to create a frictionless customer journey.

Applications have revolutionized the digital world, empowering us with instant access to information and services. They have disrupted industries, enhanced productivity, and reshaped how we interact and communicate. From mobile apps to web-based tools, applications have driven the rapid evolution of the digital landscape.


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