Cloud Migration Support

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Cloud migration and transformation is a critical step for businesses that want to remain competitive and agile in today’s fast-paced, evolving digital environment. However, the processes can be complex and time-consuming, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. ICS Nett supports clients on their cloud journey whether your organization is planning full or partial transition to a cloud environment.

Many organization are facing significant challenges to keep up with enhanced digital business infrastructures, not only with the latest cloud infrastructure devices and functionality, but also critically with security needs and capabilities. ICS provides clients with comprehensive assessments to accurately identify optimal deployment models, and determination of which applications/services are the most efficient to migrate to the cloud to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI). We apply test case migrations to cloud environments, allowing for effectively managed risks, which in return produces a successful transformation of infrastructure, data, applications and services. ICS Nett Cloud Subject Matter Experts work closely with your organization to gather full application and data assessments and develop a specifically tailored plan that is properly aligned to your goals.

Unleash Competitiveness of Cloud with Confidence and Speed

Analysis & Planning

Intelligent business decisions with contextual real world and real time analytics data is necessary for business success. We will work with your organization to multiply its agility and capabilities resulting in a competitive edge that will pave the way to becoming a optimally sustainable and knowledgeable enterprise leader. We will provide targeted guidance for choosing the best cloud platform, define the most effective migration approach, and develop a specific, successful roadmap for your personalized transformation.

Cloud-Native Development

We assist businesses to develop new applications and services that are optimized to automate relevant business functions by providing cloud-native development services, leveraging containerization, microservices, and server-less architecture support. As part of the cloud native approach, encompassing collaboration between software developers and operations, use of microservices and containers result in lower overhead cost and substantial total cost of ownership savings.

Application Modernization

We help businesses to modernize on the cloud, ensuring fully optimized performance, scalability and security. By providing application assessments, modernization approaches and ongoing support, our strategies and solutions will significantly minimize or even eliminate conventional code-to-deployment hurdles, while reducing downtime and identify and resolving security vulnerabilities. Now, more than ever do to rapid business evolution, it is critical to unlock new business opportunities for organizational success.

Deployment Methods

We offer expertise in public, private, hybrid, multi, community and gov cloud. Your business goals will lead to how your cloud infrastructure will be architected, what type of changes can be determined and implemented, and whether you require customized on off-the-shelf services. Based on cloud type and service provide, the infrastructure and user interactions are also defined, and the underlying architecture can provide various capabilities such as containerization, software-defined network, and hyper-converged servers.

Migration Execution

We work closely with businesses to successfully migrate their workloads to the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to business and technical operations. We assess all application, data and security challenges, along with capturing a complete understanding of your organization's architectural ecosystem from which to assess overall migration readiness. Our technical management team will work carefully account for relevant security concerns to ensure a safe organizational posture during the migration, and will leverage methodologies to navigate the process efficiently and effectively.

Cloud Optimization

To achieve the best return on your investment, cloud optimization uses metrics to evaluate resource efficiencies to achieve maximum device utilization and minimum manual intervention. Applications and users benefit from dynamic systems which run more efficiently, requires less direct operational support, self-heal, and function more reliably. Choosing the best cloud type and leveraging the most relevant services to support your business applications will achieve balanced and optimized workloads, cost, performance and security needs in real time.

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Cloud Security

Cloud security is of utmost importance in today's digital landscape. It protects sensitive data, ensures compliance with regulations, prevents unauthorized access, and mitigates the risk of data breaches and loss. Without robust cloud security measures, organizations are vulnerable to potential threats and compromises to their data integrity and privacy.


Cloud application development has recently witnessed key updates. These include the growing adoption of serverless computing, the popularity of containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, the emergence of edge computing for improved real-time processing, and the heightened focus on security and compliance measures.

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Cloud Migration Support

Cloud Migration Support

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Contact us today and learn more about ICS Nett’s Cloud Migration services. Upgrade your business with top-notch security.