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ICS Nett expertise encompass the full cycle of application management services, from conceptualization to delivery, security and maintenance. We utilize an Agile Maturity Model to measure, report, and analyze progress towards realizing mature agility for enterprise application modernization and development. Our services include portfolio planning, release and schedule management, application software enhancement, software engineering, enterprise architecture support, methodology maturity, process improvement, and more. Our expertise is scalable for running platforms, prototype development, and our Agile capability extends to website and O&M efforts where we specialize in continuous integration and modernization solutions respectively.

ICS Nett DevOps mindset and innovation helps enterprises to achieve the agility required to improve time to market, reduce costs, increase security and enhance customer experiences. In every effort, we implement the best practices and leading-edge solutions that enable ongoing maturity processes to be utilized.

Applying Agile Development Principles for Light Architecture, Collaborative and Security-focused Development


DevOps/SecDevOps | Scrum | Kanban | Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) | Adaptive Software Development (ASD) | Feature Driven Development (FDD) | Extreme Programming (XP)


Requirements Analysis | Enterprise Architecture | Design | Coding | Automation | Integration | Prototype Development


Web-based Portals | ERP | Mobile Applications | Legacy & Application Modernization


508 Compliance | Automated Testing | Threat Modeling | Secure Coding | Security as Code (SaC) | Static Application Security Testing (SAST) | Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) | Penetration Testing


Data Discovery | Extraction | Transformation | Loading | Cleansing | Integration


Application Software Maintenance | Change and Configuration Management | Database Administration | Application/System Performance Management | Capacity Management | Security

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Automation plays a vital role in aligning applications with business objectives. By streamlining processes, enabling real-time integration, enhancing accuracy, and saving time and costs, automation ensures that applications are continuously synchronized and data is accurate. This allows businesses to operate more efficiently, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve their desired objectives.


The implementation of robust cybersecurity measures is vital for ensuring efficient application development, as it plays a critical role in safeguarding sensitive data. Applications often handle valuable user information, such as personal and financial data, along with confidential business information. By incorporating robust cybersecurity practices, we can effectively protect this data and enhance the overall security of our applications.

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Application Services

Application Services

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Contact us today and learn more about ICS Nett’s Applications Services. Broadening the horizon of your touchpoints.