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ICS Nett, a leading IT company, takes pride in its highly efficient Service Desk Solution catering to both employees and customers. This service desk is equipped with cutting-edge tools and employs advanced techniques to ensure optimal performance. With a focus on resolving technical issues promptly, the service desk utilizes remote access tools, ticketing systems, and proactive monitoring to swiftly address and resolve incidents. Additionally, ICS Nett’s knowledgeable and skilled support staff leverages industry best practices and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodologies to provide efficient and effective assistance. By combining these tools and techniques, ICS Nett’s Service Desk Solution delivers exceptional efficiency, reducing downtime, maximizing productivity, and ensuring a seamless IT experience for all users.

Services We Offer

Project Delivery Service

Our dedicated project management team collaborates across all departments to ensure timely, budget-friendly, and high-quality delivery of projects.

System & Solution Architecture Design Service

Our expert architecture team offers services in system and solution architecture design, as well as conducting source code reviews for new requests.

IT Service Desk (1st Level Support)

Our highly skilled engineers are available 24/7 to provide customer support, receiving requests through our hotline, email, or online helpdesk system. They serve as the initial point of contact for ticket routing and perform basic troubleshooting.

Application Operation Support Service (2nd Level Support)

Our skilled engineers provide user support, ensure the smooth operation of Schenker IT systems, and track product enhancement requests. With their expertise in troubleshooting software and hardware, they swiftly diagnose and resolve issues at your site.

Application Development & Maintenance Service (3rd Level Support)

Our proficient software engineers address escalated issues from the 2nd level support team, conducting in-depth analysis at the source code level. They assist in identifying the root cause of problems, analyze incoming change requests, and enhance system functionalities and performance.

Quality Control & Assurance Service

Our dedicated team of professional test analysts plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless functioning of the system before it is deployed into the production environment. With their expertise and meticulous approach, they conduct comprehensive testing services to identify issues.

Benefits of Service Desk Solutions

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In today’s interconnected world, where an abundance of devices, platforms, and locations need to be managed, organizations must strive to develop a secure and efficient workplace strategy to achieve success in the hybrid work environment.


At ICS Nett, we understand the importance of efficient, sustainable and secure cloud solutions and we work closely with our clients to identify and implement a wide range of cloud services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, accounting for private/on premise, CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) and hybrid solutions.

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Contact us today and learn more about ICS Nett’s Service Desk Solutions. Provide seamless IT experience to all the users.

Service Desk Solutions

Service Desk Solutions

Get In Touch

Contact us today and learn more about ICS Nett’s Service Desk Solutions. Provide seamless IT experience to all the users.