Healthcare Technology

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ICS Nett provides comprehensive design, management, and support of its clients’ Health IT mission with services that include Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3), and the integration of healthcare records through a variety of standards including FHIR and HL7 (CCD/CCR). Our advanced interoperability solutions enable the exchange of patient data including the plan of care, images, prescriptions, illnesses, family history, and more.

We are building the future of the healthcare enterprise with solutions that enable clinical and financial workflows, specialty practice management, and end-to-end care coordination to occur safely and securely in the Cloud. Our core competencies include implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms to accommodate a broad spectrum of patient care institutions from Government to large multinational private sector health systems. Using state-of-the-art healthcare solutions we integrate both structured and unstructured data formats and our operations support military, federal, and civilian patient care.

ICS Nett Health IT infrastructure solutions adhere to industry best practice standards to ensure its customers can focus on both raising the quality of patient care and their successful evolution to value-based care models. Our implementations deliver support for cloud-based platforms, applications and use cases, clinical data repositories, enterprise imaging platforms, healthcare IoT, workflow management, cloud services, mobility, advanced post-acute care delivery models, and other comprehensive Health IT services

Services We Offer


ICS Nett has established its expertise by specializing in the design, implementation, and long-term maintenance of sophisticated technology integration and software solutions tailored specifically for healthcare institutions and providers.


ICS’ RTLS/RFID solutions enable automated tracking of medical supplies and equipment, staff movement, patients’ condition monitoring and offer a demonstrable return on investment.


Our technology specialists, design and construction engineers work together to provide turnkey solutions for our clients. From concepts and initial design, through construction management, to maintenance and operations, our teams bring knowledge and innovation to our clients.


ICS Nett’ innovative solutions drive healthcare industry transformation to Healthcare 5.0. We help our clients implement intelligent health management and maintenance systems, utilize artificial intelligence in clinical decisions support


ICS Nett collaborates with healthcare providers to create and execute strategic solutions for the seamless integration of telemedicine into their service offerings. Our dedicated team supports our clients across multiple disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive approach to achieving their telemedicine goals.


ICS Nett provides integrated solutions to address the many increasingly complex challenges faced by the healthcare sector. We bring our expertise and experience in Smart Hospitals, ICT and Digital Modernization to accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution of international healthcare.

Related Services

Data Center IT Management

Efficient data management is the cornerstone of successful healthcare technology implementation. It enables healthcare professionals to access accurate and timely patient information, promoting informed decision-making and personalized care. Effective data management facilitates seamless integration of diverse healthcare systems and devices, enhancing interoperability and workflow efficiency.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies in cybersecurity play a crucial role in enhancing healthcare technology. These technologies contribute to the protection and integrity of sensitive patient data, the security of medical devices, and the overall resilience of healthcare systems. With the increasing digitization of healthcare records and the widespread adoption of telemedicine, cybersecurity becomes paramount to safeguard patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access to personal health information.

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Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Technology

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Contact us today and learn more about ICS Nett’s Healthcare Technology services. Bringing integrated innovation to your healthcare business.