Fannie Mae Restatement Operation Center, Application Development & Production Support

ICS Nett played a key role supporting the Fannie Mae Reinstatement by designing, building, staffing, and managing the 24×7 Restatement Operation Center (ROC). After Fannie Mae’s agreement with OFHEO in September of 2004 and March of 2005, ICS Nett supported and managed multiple technical projects for Fannie Mae’s financials. These included restructuring accounting practices, capital levels and activities, re-org structuring with staffing, corporate governance, internal controls and compensation processes. The total outcome from the Reinstatement led to a positive future for home buyers and banks in the United States.

Fannie Mae


In order to regain status providing liquidity, stability, affordability and guarantees to thousands of banks, savings and loans, and mortgage companies in the United States, within a short period of time, ICS Nett took on reinstatement lifecycle activities for Fannie Mae. As subject matter experts, ICS Nett was requested to support designing, building, staffing, and managing their 24×7 Restatement Operation Center (ROC). This challenge would lead ICS Nett to create positive impact for all the U.S. home buyers and banks transactions.


ICS Nett services included:

  • Integration Team: develop, build, coordinate templates that were used for Dev, QA, Configuration, Security and the production environment using centralized tools and more
  • Execution Team: responsibility for executing Batch Jobs (JIL) through a monitored process, which were approved by business work streams. ICS Nett utilized the Unix tools for file manipulation to create and control Autosys workload automation job definitions using redirects and issue commands
  • Environment Leads: responsibility for coordinating the execution of approved artifacts
  • Control Analysts: ICS Nett studied Fannie Mae’s internal processes and operations to identify inadequacies and made sound recommendations for strategy and policy fixes that minimized risk. ICS Nett was also responsible for assuring that the execution and documentation of approved/executed artifacts for SOX standards
  • Configurations Management Team: responsibility for questions, approvals and disapprovals for configuration documentation from Dev, QA and pre-prod teams
  • Team Leads: responsibility for all external communications related to all ROC activities
  • Scheduling Team: responsibility for all scheduled activities in all environments
  • Disaster Recovery Team: coordinated a live Disaster Recovery Exercise for Fannie Mae to meet their audit goals
  • Tier III and IV Help Desk Support: provided customer service to end users who work with all lifecycle environments


ICS Nett supported all levels of development, testing, configurations, implementations, management, facilitation, and monitoring of all business work streams and ongoing evaluation processes during the Reinstatement lifecycle. ICS Nett set up and configured Remedy to not only work across all environments but it was used by all contractors. Tickets sent to Tier III were resolved by our SMEs who were able to replicate issues and define root causes using the product design, code and specifications. ICS Nett also handled all Tier IV level support tickets and was able to support outsourceable such supplies, printer, hardware, vendor software support and more.


Creating a Disruptive Impact