Mobile Application and Device Management Pilot for FAA

ICS Nett managed the introduction and implementation of a first of its kind enterprise mobile platform and application solution for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and its service groups. We developed governance, platform architecture, security architecture, and mobile application development standards in support of the FAA Authorization to Operate (ATO), and executed rapid deployment timetables for each pilot, from concept to deployed capabilities in less than 90 days.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


The FAA required assistance to develop and implement cross-browsers and mobile applications present real-time data for weather, U.S. airports, safety compliance, maintenance and more.  The FAA had been exploring the use of mobile applications to enhance aviation safety, improve efficiency, and provide improved information and services to pilots, air traffic controllers, and other stakeholders. ICS Nett’s goal was to provide a cost-effective technology solution to support the design, development testing and deployment to all mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tables and smart phones.  The ICS team enabled a reference infrastructure that supported testing and evaluation, and ultimately tool selection, and then implemented an expedited deployment methodology tailored for the pilot within the client’s specified timeframe.


ICS Nett developed and implemented an iterative delivery approach, whereby the mobile functionality relevant to the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) was used for reviews and to provide feedback for the follow-on iterations.  ICS Nett further provided Program Management, Operations & Management, and iPad Development Services for the ATO’s safety and maintenance activities.  In order to ensure support, our personnel interfaced with other ATO divisions and staff, FAA headquarters offices, regional/field offices and ATO support contractors.

ICS Nett outlined the policy, platform, technology, and roll-out into two distinct mobile form factors for the FAA ATO. These efforts were the first of their kind being that there were no existing defined standards for mobile architecture at that point in time. As the excitement grew among consumers, the FAA Chief Information Officer (CIO) took on the challenge to introduce mobile devices into the FAA enterprise to enhance organizational capabilities.  The ICS Nett task force developed the governance, security architecture, EA, and mobile application development standards for FAA ATO.  The initial goal was to allow FAA CIO Counsel to authorize roll-out of its first enterprise mobile application and platform within its Shared Services Group for agency-wide use within the FAA.

ICS Nett solutions included:

  • Content management
  • User technical support services
  • Mobile and cloud-based application development
  • Enterprise services support
  • Quality Assurance management
  • Project and program management
  • Change, configuration, and release management
  • Asset and provisioning management
  • Cloud hosting support
  • Social media services and support
  • Technical training
  • Program development
  • Staffing


ICS Nett developed and implemented the first ever mobile solution for the FAA by providing all mobile access designs, development, and deployment services for multiple mobile application pilots, in support of the goal of enabling operational deployments in appropriate venues in the field. The FAA Pilot solutions were developed for real-time data across multiple platforms, supporting frequent updates, and easily integrated into a variety of back-office applications. Of paramount importance was ICS Nett’s ability to execute a rapid deployment timetable for each pilot, from concept to deployment in 90 (ninety) days or less. The ATO’s CIO directive was successfully leveraged to explore deployment processes across various form factors, including the iPad and BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Android mobile end user devices.


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