PMO and Risk Management Framework and DevOps

ICS Nett exceeded expectations by providing a comprehensive platform enhancing visibility and controls while streamlining overall operations for improved financial, supply chain, customer service and schedule management. ICS Nett solved labor constraint issues and provided sound road map to help Sunrays become self-sufficient and self-sustainable.

Sunrays International


ICS Nett was challenged to provide a technical and strategic approach using SolDev and Microsoft AX in order to harness and exceed Sunray’s potential and achieve an overall transformation of its business. ICS Nett would have to solidify future business opportunities by applying emerging technologies such as AI and data science, Machine Learning, advanced cloud solutions and more, all while helping Sunrays International become self-sufficient and sustainable.  Additionally, with the knowledge of labor constraint issues within disruptive and volatile environments, ICS Nett would have to apply a sound and solid road map containing new ideas that would safeguard Sunray’s future business operations, financials and profits. To achieve overall success, ICS Nett would have to solve out of the ordinary and complex business issues that Sunrays faced with its enterprise and federal government customers.


ICS Nett developed a framework and dashboard that helped Sunrays efficiently manage fixed assets throughout lifecycles, including acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, and disposal.  Additionally, we added industry specific add-ons and customized solutions that made the most sense.

Set up Fixed Assets for Conus/Oconus Clients in Different Industries:

Asset Setup: create and maintain asset records, including details such as asset ID, description, class, location, department, acquisition date, cost, and other relevant information

Developed: redesign new timesheet report to pull timesheets between date range

Reporting Tool: by utilizing date range parameters, the timesheet report allows users to generate customized reports to analyze timesheet data over specific periods, aiding in project management, payroll processing, and overall resource allocation

Reporting and Analytics: generates standardized and customizable reports related to asset values, depreciation, maintenance, and other asset-related metrics, by utilizing built-in analytics and dashboards to gain insights into asset performance, utilization, and financial impact

PO Mandatory Checklist list:

Asset Acquisition: developed and used to record acquisitions of new assets through purchase orders, vendor invoices, or intercompany transfers. Link assets to specific vendors, purchase orders, and financial transactions

Additions: functional to barcode scanner application to reprint labels

Asset Tracking and Physical Inventory: track the physical location of assets through barcoding or RFID tagging’ perform physical inventory counts to reconcile the actual asset quantities with system records

Revised BoM: revision purchase report as per project management requirement

Customized Project Purchase Order Reports:ICS Nett customized these purchase order reports to gain visibility into project-related procurement activities and analyze purchase order information to make informed decisions about project budgets, vendor performance, and overall project management.

Configuring and Customizing for MRO Type of Projects: ICS Nett configured and customized various modules, including Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO), to meet the unique requirements of Sunray’s User Interface (UI) Project

Created Finance Workflows by each entity for AP, AR and GL entries. ICS Nett configured workflows to automate and streamline the approval processes for Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), and General Ledger (GL) entries

Depreciation Management:  ICS Nett configured depreciation methods, conventions, and rules to calculate and post periodic depreciation expenses using straight-line, declining balance, and custom method

Maintenance and Service Management:  we set up an interface to track and manage maintenance activities, service contracts, and warranties associated with assets. Schedule and monitor maintenance tasks, generate work orders, and record maintenance history

Asset Transfers:  we set this p to facilitate the transfer of assets between locations, departments, or projects. Record asset transfers, update asset ownership, and adjust accounting entries accordingly.

Integration with Financials: we integrated a seamless interface for financial modules that ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance. Asset-related transactions and depreciation expenses are automatically posted to the general ledger:

  • Automated Timesheet portal integration with AX to import Approved timesheets.
  • Created a new PO layout with T&C as per FAR/DFAR compliance.
  • Developed functionality to request and Approve Expense Request.
  • Developed functionality to request for PTO through timesheet portal.
  • Developed AIF services and added new project material dashboard to PO Approval page.
  • Developed AIF services and added new Purchasing Agent Performance dashboard to PO Approval page.
  • Revised the design and redeveloped parts search portal to search for historical pricing.
  • Developed portal to search and mass download PO attachments for audit purposes.
  • Developed functionality to Create a Baseline BOM and generate craft BOM’s from it as per workflow provided by the management


ICS Nett exceeded Sunrays International’s expectations by providing a comprehensive platform which enhanced visibility and control, while streamlining overall operations for improved financial, supply chain, customer service and schedule management.  Additionally, the interface provided enhanced scalability and flexibility supporting growth and evolving business needs, while accommodating expanding operations that are customizable to meet any of Sunray’s specific business requirements.


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