Enhancing Customer Experience with Advanced Conversational AI Technology

ICS Nett, in collaboration with Omilia, is partnering to introduce the first natural language IVR (Interactive Voice Response) experience integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NICE inContact CXone (Contact Center Platform). AI technologies provide for more intelligent and data-driven call handling through Predictive Analytics allowing customers to fully utilize a self-service model. This enriched solution helps government/civil agencies deliver personalized, intuitive, and human-centric services while enabling automation that is both scalable and cost-effective.


ICS Nett Partners with Omilia


Our federal and civil clients require customer-centric approaches to enhance customer satisfaction, improve service delivery, and foster greater trust and engagement. However, customer expectations for real-time seamless interactions across different channels (social media, text, email, & more) have evolved and therefore, raise demands for our government clients to stay ahead with multi-channel options and a robust self-service model.


ICS Nett has always pursued the latest technology and trends in customer service to ensure that we are positioned to deliver the very best solutions for our customers. In 2014, the latest call center technology was a cloud solution instead of an on-premises solution. ICS Nett proposed a cloud solution to our WMATA client for their Regional Customer Service Center (RCSC) – WMATA SmarTrip®. Just as we were readily positioned for the beginning of a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solution, we are now incorporating the AI feature to service those customers who need to quickly get an answer and don’t want to wait to speak to an agent. 
This ‘natural speak’ option allows customers to interact with an IVR to receive immediate responses instead of a queued live agent engagement, and will be the first of its kind for a major metro agency in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

Key Features

Personalized and customer-centric self-service automation enabled by:

  • Natural Language IVR (Interactive Voice Response) experience integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NICE inContact CXone (Contact Center Platform)
  • Intelligent and data-driven call handling
  • Predictive analytics

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ICS Nett's innovative omni-channel cloud solution transformed WMATA's SmarTrip® Customer Service Center, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness with of NICE inContact (ACD/IVR), Salesforce (CRM), and Tableau (Reporting).

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