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ICS Nett placed a spotlight on their innovative capability when a state-of-the-art cloud solution was proposed for WMATA’s SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center (RCSC). This call center solution, comprised of NICE inContact (ACD/IVR), Salesforce (CRM), and Tableau (Reporting), was the first of its kind for WMATA who previously operated with an on-premises ACD/IVR solution. The new and improved RCSC was delivered in under 4 months from the ground up to “GO Live” and included a physical build-out, in addition to the technology implementation. The innovative cloud solution transition was seamless from the incumbent and was a huge success. Combining inContact and Salesforce back in 2014 was a well thought out decision as it allowed for a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution for Metro riders, and for WMATA as a whole. This same cloud solution is being used by WMATA for the RCSC today.



ICS Nett won the WMATA SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center (RCSC) and was challenged to deliver our cloud-based solution within the less than 4-month deliverable date. The physical location had to be built out for a call center according to the specifications in our winning proposal and the right people had to be hired to manage and service the Metro customers. Our state-of-the-art cloud solution which comprised Salesforce CRM (Government Cloud), inContact Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), in addition to Tableau for detailed reporting, had to be built out according to our submitted design document.

ICS Nett was ahead of the times in 2014 when this innovative, scalable, and reliable call center solution was implemented. The RCSC opened on time for all Metro riders and WMATA management stated that it was the best RCSC transition since the existence of their call center.


End-to-End Call Center Design and Implementation
  • ICS Nett successfully migrated eight million customer and incident-related data records from an Oracle database to the new Salesforce repository using Talent data management tools. ICS Nett used inContact real-time data and transferred it to the Salesforce CRM, using a secure API integration, to enable correlation of cases and call data for up-to-date views of ongoing operations and agent performance.
  • ICS Nett configured the appropriate standard objects to allow CSRs to enter contact, case, and SmarTrip® issue details to meet WMATA’s requirement regarding customer data.


Continuous Support, Maintenance and Upgrades (7 Year Contract)
  • ICS Nett handled 720,000+ interactions (calls, emails, chats, faxes, regular mail) annually in the contact center with more than 894,500 Salesforce cases created in a single year from all interaction types. Of the 720,000 interactions, approximately 70% were phone calls, 12% email, 8% chat, 7% self-service, and 3% other (fax, U.S. mail).
  • ICS Nett maintained a turnover rate of less than 15% for our customer service specialists (extremely low for a contact center) due to the investment in a 3-week training course.
  • ICS Nett was recognized numerous times during the 7-year by the client for outstanding performance.


ICS Nett successfully advanced cloud technology solutions for WMATA and built upon this foundation to deliver reliable, scalable, and cost-effective systems. As a new entrant into the area of cloud solution-based customer contact centers, WMATA’s success demonstrated a strong case study in the new paradigm of leading-edge customer service delivery systems. After receiving the Notice to Proceed (NTP), ICS Nett completed the physical and technical build-out and transition from the previous incumbent in record time (less than 4 months) and transformed the call center operation to a 100% SaaS solution successfully.

For the next 7 years after the “GO Live” date in 2014, ICS Nett updated the WMATA RCSC technology platform to an Omni-channel platform adding online chat, texting, and social media for our Metro riders. The goal was to keep up with the latest technology venues used by our customers to make it easier to contact WMATA and to increase the channels resulting in more cost-effectiveness.

Success Factors

Understanding Customer Vision

ICS Nett built their solution based on in-depth discussions with the client, and WMATA’s requirement analysis. Our “customer first” approach led to delivering an outstanding product and receiving accolades, and most important, we achieve true success by implementing customer’s vision.

Exceeding SLA Requirements

It is critical to understand your customers’ “hot buttons” such that all service level agreements with the client are met or exceeded. Taking the time to analyze the data so that trends can be recognized and utilized for maximum efficiency is critical in achieving the prescribed SLAs. ICS Nett did not miss meeting our SLAs for the duration of the RCSC contract.

Continuous Improvement

During the 7-year contract with WMATA, ICS Nett advanced the call center capabilities by expanding to an Omni-channel platform. This platform included online chat, texting, and social media, all of which have become the norm for savvy WMATA customers using the Metro.




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