Technology is a Powerful Enabler, but it's Ultimately People who Make the Real Difference

For over 20 years, ICS Nett provides reliable, secure, and performance-driven IT services to federal, state and local government nationwide. We bring together experience, commitment, and practical innovation to solve mission-critical challenges our clients face. We believe in the boundless potential of technology, and we are great at implementing, integrating, securing and managing it.

What we do

We Help Our Clients to Succeed by Enabling Technology to Serve its Purpose. Reducing Complexity. Ensuring Security. Emphasizing Automation. Synchronizing.

Building a sustainable cyber resilience strategy, while simplifying security operations, ensuring compliance and implementing automation.

Implementing flexible, secure and scalable IT Infrastructure  to support constantly evolving business needs.

Helping organizations to securely and efficiently migrate to the cloud, drive business agility, streamline operations and reduce IT costs.

Delivering personalized, predictive, and human-centric customer experiences. Connected, omnichannel solutions to improve service delivery to citizens, employees and customers.

Automating processes, workflows and repetitive tasks helping organization to reduce operational costs, improve quality and streamline processes.

Enabling technology to transform care provision improving quality and patient outcome for a lower medical service cost.

Fulfilling Government Priorities

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Contracts & Awards

Supporting ATR’s Strategic IT Modernization as a Sub to NDi

Antitrust Division (ATR), the Department of Justice (DoJ) is under pressure to modernize its IT Infrastructure, applications, service desk solutions and processes, as the growth of the US economic market is leading to increased workloads.

Contracts & Awards

Adding New Contract Vehicles to Better Serve Our Clients

We hold multiple contract vehicles that streamline collaboration and simplify the procurement process and help our clients to access a full set of capabilities. ICS Nett brings expertise in government processes, procedures and quality standards providing performance-driven solutions.

Performance & Impact

Integrating Conversational AI Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

ICS Nett, in collaboration with Omilia, is partnering to introduce the first natural language IVR (Interactive Voice Response) experience integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NICE inContact CXone (Contact Center Platform). AI technologies provide for more intelligent and data-driven call handling through Predictive Analytics allowing customers to fully utilize a self-service model.

Performance & Impact

Supporting the U.S. Intelligence Agency in Cyber Resilience Implementation

ICS Nett develops and implements new methodologies which improve intelligence agency information protection, A&A, document controls in accordance with the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Processes such as DIACAP, NIST and RMF.


Understanding Zero Trust and How to Implement "Never Trust - Always Verify"

To embrace Zero Trust, organizations must embark on a comprehensive journey that encompasses people, processes, and technology. We are looking the key principles of the new paradigm and discussing steps for implementation.


Time to empower Organizations with Agile and Secure IT Infrastructure

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, organizations are constantly looking for transformative solutions to improve their IT Infrastructure. We are discussing what benefits automation brings to streamline and optimize IT operations, and how it helps to reduce manual efforts, minimize human error, and enhance efficiency.


Recent Survey: US Citizens Rate Government Service Quality

Governments are adopting customer centric approaches to enhance citizen satisfaction, improve service delivery, and foster greater trust and engagement. However, recent 2023 McKinskey conducted a survey reveals that US Federal Government overall ranks lower than the lowest-rated federal service.

Performance & Impact

2014 Innovation: First Ever Omnichannel Cloud-Based WMATA SmarTrip®

ICS Nett placed a spotlight on their innovative capability when a state-of-the-art cloud solution was proposed for WMATA’s SmarTrip® Regional Customer Service Center (RCSC). Delivered in under 4 months from the ground up to “GO Live” and included a physical build-out, in addition to the technology implementation.

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